18 - 20 March 2019, Dubai

Household Paper

Paperworld Middle East-Household Paper

From the absorbent to the alluring

Napkins and decorative transparency paper

Some of the Product Groups are:

Paper napkins, table cloths and decorative paper.

Featured Exhibitor:

Paperworld Middle East-Harmony


SHP Group (Slovak Hygienic Paper Group) is a multinational company that consists of a group of industrial and commercial companies in the field of cellulose and paper making industry. SHP Group covers 7 companies in 6 European countries with the annual turnover of over 120 mil €. Four production plants of SHP Group produce 100 thousand tons of paper every year. SHP Group belongs to the biggest manufactures of hygienic paper products in Central and South-East Europe. SHP Group is an active member of European Tissue Symposium (ETS).

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Current and past featured exhibitors: