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Products and solutions that pass with flying colours

The suppliers in the ‘School Articles’ section have done their homework and provide an impressive range of products and solutions that include writing utensils, drawing materials, exercise books, blocks, folders, school bags, cases and educational toys. Straight As guaranteed.

Some of the Product Groups are:

Writing utensils, drawing materials, exercise books, folders, school bags, pencil cases and educational toys.

Featured Exhibitors:
Paperworld Middle East-Pelikan Group


Pelikan is a globally renowned writing instruments manufacturing company incepted in 1838 in Germany. The brand with its vast range of high quality products in categories – fine writing instruments, stationery supplies, art and hobby paints, aim to inspire creativity & imagination among people, encouraging them to express better. In 1929, Pelikan invented the first fountain pen with an innovative plunger piston mechanism and thereafter started inventing writing instruments for use in schools and offices as well as high valued writing instruments. Over the decades, the brand invented more products in the range of school & office stationery, art & hobby paints and other accessories, soon becoming a total stationery solutions provider. Today, Pelikan Group under the helm of Pelikan International Corporation Berhad (“Pelikan International”) manages four brands under its umbrella, namely Pelikan, Herlitz, Geha and Susy Cards. Distribution is across to over 160 countries with 8 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

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Paperworld Middle East-Centrum


"CENTRUM" is German trademark of school and office stationery products. All "CENTRUM" products have high quality and reasonable prices. The assortment is intended for shops and superstores. All products have bright self-selling packaging. Assortment includes about 900 items and is increasing all the time. "CENTRUM" is seeking for one distributor in every country. We hope You can find Your lucky chance to promote "CENTRUM" as Your own brand on Your market!

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Paperworld Middle East-Erich Krause

Erich Krause

Erich Krause is an international vibrantly developing company that specializes in producing and distributing a wide range of stationery products, art supplies, satchels and bags, gifts and decoration. Their offices and subsidiaries function in 8 countries: Germany, Finland, Panama, Latvia, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia and Guatemala. The company has 3 logistic hubs in Latvia, Panama and Russia. The enterprise operates in 45 states. Apart from its own brands ErichKrause® and ArtBerry®, the company produces licensed goods of The Walt Disney, MARVEL, Lucasfilm, Mattel, as well as private brands for international retailers.

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Paperworld Middle East-Epsilon Lisans

Epsilon Yayinevi

Epsilon Yayinevi A.S. licenses, produces and sells hobby, gift and school supply products via its licensed products brand, Epsilon Lisans. Some of the brands we represent in Turkey include Game of Thrones, The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince), Wimpy Kid, Albena Vatcheva, My Cat. All of our products are designed and made in Turkey to exacting standards and are meeting the current EU and national directives on product testing. Epsilon Yayinevi is one of Turkey's prominent publishers with 25 years in publishing and more than 2500 titles to date.

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Paperworld Middle East-Kores

Kores GbmH

Kores is a family owned Austrian producer and innovator of office and school products. Their company was established in 1887 and ever since they have been producing, marketing and selling Kores branded products all over the world. Despite the long history, the core elements of the Kores brand have remained unaltered and withstood the test of time: Quality and Functionality. They are the basis for their customers’ satisfaction and brand loyalty as well as their successful long-term partnerships. Kores is appreciated for its high quality performance, complete specialist ranges and bright colours. Their extensive range of products includes Glues, Correction, Markers, Notes, Coloured Pencils and many more. They are dedicated to create products that meet the evolving needs of different audiences. Kores headquarters is located in Vienna, Austria with 2 principle factories in Mexico and the Czech Republic.

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Current and past featured exhibitors:

Paperworld Middle East 2017-Vietnam First